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06.06.97 - University of Hamburg

Literary Studies Seminar

German as a Foreign Language

Based on an analysis I conducted, it can be said that Mr. Mikaelian has such good German language skills in both spoken and written forms that he can easily understand and express even complex matters, as encountered in scientific communication. He is fully capable of expressing himself clearly and understandably, especially since he possesses a notably extensive vocabulary. Particularly noteworthy is that he has very well-developed language skills in oral communication. He understands complex dialogues and can behave appropriately communicative in such contexts. He has a flexible linguistic empathy and skilled perception competence even in difficult communication situations, so I have no doubt that he would be quite capable of handling demanding interpreting tasks based on his German language skills.

H. Delmas - Lecturer

Literary Studies Seminar

German as a Foreign Language


27.09.1999 - University of Hamburg

Institute for Theatre, Music Theatre, and Film

This certifies that Mr. David Mikaelian has been working as an interpreter for Prof. Alexander Mitta since 1997. He has conveyed the lectures on dramaturgy and direction in cinema to the students through both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

Professor Hark Boam

Head of Film Studio



School of Economics and Languages

Interpreting Institute

Mr. David Mikaelian has been teaching German to adult learners at our school (until 2000) at all levels. Mr. Mikaelian captivates with an interesting and well-founded instruction that quickly enables participants to use the German language. His teaching is significantly influenced by his great dedication and consistently friendly nature, which majorly contributes to the fast learning pace and positive learning climate in his classes. Mr. Mikaelian is an asset to our language school due to his balanced personality, utmost reliability, and great competence as a lecturer.

City Language Studio

The School Management


15.09.04 - Respironics International - Asthma & Allergy Products

Dear Frau Zwank,

I am delighted to be able to give you this letter of recommendation. "dm-LINGUA" has provided an excellent and efficient translation service over the past year facilitating the production of instructions for use for our products in over 15 European languages.


Stuart Ross

European Sales Director - Asthma & Allergy Products

Respironics International

Best wishes


25.01.2007 - Central Reminder Court Uelzen

Reference Letter

30.03.2009 - United Energy

Reference Letter

30.03.2009 - Brazil Service

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